Many people reject the idea of looking into a past lifetime for problems as they claim to have enough troubles in the present life. This sounds reasonable; however, in clinical practice, clients discover that present life conflicts and problems often stem from traumatic events in prior lifetimes.

Past life memories may come to us in many guises: the déjà vu experience; recurrent dreams, either of a specific location, or of a frightening event; a crippling phobia or unexplained, groundless fear. People who fear water, public speaking, or heights (to name just a few common phobias) often uncover the memory of a death by drowning, hanging or burning at the stake before a crowd, or falling from a high place.

As these past life traumas are explored and resolved in therapy, the phobias cease to exist for the clients. Through the emotional feelings and body sensations associated with an identified present life problem, the client is prompted to locate the source or cause of the problem.

Past Life Therapy reveals the source of one's victim-victimizer patterns and permanently resolves this karmic cycle.  These cycles of victimization are survival based.  They originate from before hunt and gather days to modern day battlefields motivated by basic human survival and fear of death.